Growing Bamboo in a pot

Growing Bamboo in a pot

Bamboo is a grass plant. Forests usually contain bamboo. Bamboo’s contribution to nature is endless. Apart from beautifying the environment, it provides a lot of oxygen to the environment. Many of us want to plant bamboo around our house thinking about the many benefits of bamboo. But we cannot plant bamboo due to lack of open space. Planting in Tob is the only way to plant in less space. Let us know how to growing bamboo in a pot.

The world is home to over 1400 species of bamboo You cannot plant all the bamboo inside them in the tub of the house. Depending on the caste, one bamboo is equal to about three or four tala houses. It is not possible to plant them in tubs even around the house. Which of the 1400+ species of bamboo can be planted indoors or in tubs will be determined by us.

Here are 10 bamboo varieties that can be Growing Bamboo in a pot

Bamboo NameHeightPlant Spacing
Gold stripe5-6m1.5 m
Malay Dwarf variegated3-4m2.5 m
Albo-Striata5-7m2.5 m
Alphonse Karr4-5 m2.5 m
Bamboo biopsies4m2m
China Gold8-10m4m
Chinese Dwarf4-6m3m
Gracilis, Slender Weavers6-8m3m
Nepalese Blue3-5 m1.5 m
Purple Jade Bamboo3-5 m1.5 m


Selection of bamboo seedlings:  

Always choose healthy, strong, and nutritious bamboo seedlings

must be selected. In that case, you can produce seedlings yourself or collect them from a large nursery. During the selection of seedlings, collect bamboo seedlings that have two to three leaves.

Clay tub: 

Based on the size of the bamboo, a clay tub should be taken that is a little bigger. There should be three big holes under the tub. Water accumulates in the plant and the root of the plant dies without rotting.

Soil mix: 

Prepare a soil mixture by mixing equal amounts of well-drained and leaf-rotted soil, konkopith 50% + vermicompost 25% + rotted cow dung 20%.

Manure and stone: 

 Generally, if sufficient vermicompost and rotted cow dung are not mixed in the soil preparation, the weeds will not be able to grow properly. Then the tree should use urea and TSP fertilizer in proper amounts. And after planting some stones should be placed on top of the tub. By doing this, the sunlight will not reach the base of the tub. The water retention capacity will increase. The soil will remain moist.

Planting method:

Tub preparation: 

In preparing the tub, take stones at the bottom of the tub where there are holes. Fill the top layer with soil. Once the soil is filled, make holes in the tub. So that you can plant the seedlings inside the hole.


In the case of planting a seedling in tub soil, insert the seedling straight into the soil. So that the gills in the seedling are on the upper side. Then lightly press down with some soil to firm up the bottom

Care of Bashar Seedlings: 

After transplanting the bush seedlings, drop some leaves from the lower side. This will encourage the new leaves of the plant to grow.

Irrigation method in Bashar seedling: 

One should give light water to the soil of the tub in an amount that prevents the base soil from becoming crumbly. Moreover, when one holds the soil in their hand, it should easily slip through their fingers.

Describing bamboos that can be planted in tubs:

Gold stripe Bamboo: 

Gold stripe Bamboo is one of the different types of bamboo. It bamboo is usually 5-6 meters tall. And 1.5 meters of space is enough for planting. They need sunlight to survive.

Malay Dwarf variegated: 

Most commonly grown in tropical/tropical climates. Common Name: Bambusa heterostachya ‘Variegata’. It usually grows up to 3-4 meters tall. Planting requires only 1.5 meters of space. These bamboos are usually tall and bushy. And it needs enough sunlight to grow well.

Bamboo biopsies:  

Bambusa is a vase-shaped bamboo. It is usually 4 meters tall. And to plant this bamboo2 meters space is enough.

There are also many other bamboos that we can plant in tubs. The above chart provides a list of at least 10 bamboo varieties.

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