Propagating Chinese money plant

Propagating Chinese money plant
Propagating Chinese money plant

Money plant most commonly used houseplants. The scientific name of the money plant is Epipremnum aureum. Apart from protecting the beauty of the house, it plays an important role in protecting the environment in the house. Among other types of money plans.Chinese Money plant looks beautiful. Each of us needs to have such a Chinese Money Plan at home. Let’s discuss how to propagating Chinese money plant.

There is a saying that the Chinese money plant is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and positive energy. It is used widely in different cultures. Chinese Money plant is a very beautiful plant. Chinese money plant purifies the air. Small leaves of money plants fascinate us. So it is essential to keep such a money plant in each of our homes. By doing this, the carbon dioxide accumulated inside the house will be purified and converted into oxygen. There are two types of benefits you can get from a tree.

So tell me why we should not keep the China money plant in our house. The special quality of the China Money plant is that this plant can develop well in more or less any light. This means that the Chinese Money plant can grow beautifully both indoors and outdoors. Below is a step-by-step description of Chinese Money plant tree propagation. It describes how the child tree is born from tree cuttings or by various methods from the mother tree.

Propagate Money Tree:

Generally, There are two ways to propagate Chinese money plant. Below are two methods of Chinese money plant propagation

leaf cutting propagation :

  • Determine a healthy and fresh leaf before propagation.
  • Cut 2-3 cm from the bottom of the leaf.
  • Take a bottle of water. Dip the lower part of the leaf in the water of that bottle.
  • Change the water 1/2 times a week if less. When planting in the ground, take care that the soil remains moist.
  • Place the glass with the plant in a shady spot. And when planting in the ground, cover it with a plastic bag
  • within 7 or 8 days the new plants will grow

Propagation by cuttings:

  • Determine a healthy and fresh branch before propagation.
  • Cut the stalk into 5-7cm lengths
  • Discard the leaves from the lower part of the stem
  • Apply rooting hormone to the cut part of the branch..
  • Plant the cut part of the branch in the soil of the tub.
  • After planting, water the soil in the tub to keep the soil moist
  • If you give too much water, the roots will rot and die

Some of the most important factors for Chinese money plant expansion are:

Best soil for money trees

In developed countries, people plant plants in water as well as in soil. However, the most common method is planting in soil.. We all know that plants usually grow very well in sandy loam soil or loamy soil. When planting China Money trees, it’s important to consider aspects beyond the soil. For example, how many chemicals are dissolved in the soil, how many nutrients are dissolved, and the pH level of the soil should be taken into consideration. Nitrogen is the main food of plants. Therefore, the amount of nitrogen in the soil should be known first. If for any reason nitrogen deficiency then urea fertilizer should be applied. Urea fertilizer fills up the nitrogen deficiency in the soil. If possible, the application of some green manure or cow dung with nitrogen will improve the results or growth of the plants.

Money tree water requirements :

We all know that plants collect food from the soil through water. Less water is also harmful for plants and more water is also very harmful for plants. If you give less water to the tree, it will lead to work due to lack of food collection, and if you give more water, the tree will rot and die. While watering the plants, make sure the soil gets enough water. In the case of planting trees in the soil of the tub, one should take good care of the water drainage system.

Make at least three holes at the bottom of the tub before putting the soil in.The tub leaks out excess water through the hole. Because if the excess water is not removed from the tub, it can accumulate and damage the roots of the plant. The plant may also die from near-root rot.

Money tree light requirements :

Plants make their food with the help of sunlight.A plant takes water from the soil through its roots and makes its food with the help of sunlight. Plants should be kept under sunlight for 4/5 hours a day to produce food. But some plants can live up to 2/3 days without sunlight.

why is it important to Chinese money plant propagation:

People’s favorite gift is the tree. And if that plant is a Chinese money plant, then there is no question. The purpose of propagating Chinese money plant is to create and grow a new plant or plants. The plants prepared in this preparation are planted in new soil so that they grow in the new preparation. So that we can give new plants as gifts to people. By doing this our world will be filled with green. Also, propagating can produce many viable plants that are healthy and resistant.

Some advantages of the Chinese money plant:

  • Easy Care: Chinese money plant care is very easy. They do not need much light and water to survive.
  • Favorable environment: Chinese money plants can grow very well in low light or low indoor air.
  • Decoration: The Chinese money plant is very popular as a decoration item. This plant is widely used to protect the beauty of the house.

How to care for a chinese money plant:

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Keeping it in a place that gets 1/2 hour of sunlight a day is good for it
  • Water less in winter.
  • Sometimes fertilizer


 Chinese money plants are easy to propagate and easy to prepare. Chinese money plant is a favorite of every garden lover. By following the steps above, you can easily grow new plants and add this beautiful plant to your garden.

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