Birds Nest Snake Plant

Birds Nest Snake Plant
Birds Nest Snake Plant

We all know about snake plants. It is always used to decorate the house. Birtd’s Nest Snake plant is one of many species of snake plant. There are many types of snake plants. A bird’s nest snake plant is one of them.

Birds Nest Snake plant:

Inside the Snake plant, this species of plant is the smallest and most beautiful. This tree looks like a bird’s nest. As in a bird’s nest, the sides are high and the middle is low. Bird’s Nest snake plant has young leaves growing from the middle, so the inner side is low and the sides are high. Although it looks green in color, its leaves have spots of light white or yellow color. Which increases the beauty of this tree many times. This tree is very attractive to many people because of its beautiful appearance. This plant is very popular for enhancing the beauty of the house.Due to its small size, this plant can be placed anywhere in the house. This tree can be placed on the computer desk or reading table, in the corner of the bed, or next to the window.

Benefits of Bird’s Nest:

The benefits of Bird’s Nest Snake plants are immense. Due to decrease of trees in our world day by day, there are lack of oxygen. As a result, various problem including breathing problem have arisen.NASA Clean Air Study Snake plant keeps us away from these problems. If we keep a snake plant inside the house, it keeps giving us oxygen continuously. So there is never a shortage of oxygen even in a closed room. This plant cleans various types of toxic harmful substances mixed in the air and releases fresh oxygen. Due to this, we can be free from various types of airborne diseases.

snake plant temperatures:

Bird’s Nest Snake plant cannot tolerate extreme heat or extreme cold .It can grow properly 70°- 90° fahrenheit . So this plant can never be kept in strong sunlight at home. It’s can’t be kept indoors in the AC room either.

snake plants sunlight:

Birds nest snake plant don’t require direct light to grow. They grow well in corners of the room .They can be placed next to the window or on the balcony. Direct sunlight can burn them. So we should keep them at home.

Fertilizer for snake plant:

Birds Nest Snake plant don’t need much food to grow properly. They can grow with very little care. If water for single day, it will last for 7 days without water. They can grow well by applying organic fertilizer every two to three months. But one thing the Snake plant is an indoor plant. Therefore, it absorbs very few water. If water is given in excess, water may accumulate at the base of the plant. And if water accumulates at the base of the plant, this plant may die due to root rot. So for the proper growth of the Birds Nest Snake plant. Just remember to water twice a week. And after two or three months apply the small amount of organic fertilizers

propagation of snake plant:

 Snake plant can be grow easily  in soil and water. New plants are grow easily from the leaves and roots of this plant. The soil will be prepared before planting a new plant. The soil should be prepared with one part sand, one part organic manure, and one part gravel. This soil should be placed in plastic tubs with small holes at the bottom.T he root part of the snake plant should be cut and planted in that tub . After planting, it should be covered with water for a few days. After a few days, roots will be seen from the base of the leaves.

Later, the plant should be lifted from here and placed in another place. Organic fertilizers should also be applied during planting. Another method is to place it in water. If you cut the leaves of this tree and dip the root side directly in water, new roots will grow. If you want, you can plant a tree with these roots in the ground. Or you can keep it in water. If you keep it in water, you have to clean the water in the pot after 5/6 days.

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