How to use fertilizer for plants ?

How to use fertilizer for plants
How to use fertilizer for plants ?

The amount of our agricultural land is decreasing day by day, so is our amount of food. So we should plant trees around our house. We get food from plants, plants also collect food from the soil. Some food trees collect from the soil. Other foods have to be applied artificially. They are called fertilizers. So let’s know how to apply fertilizer to plants. Three ways are most commonly used in it.

  • Fertilizer application by sprinkling
  • Fertilizer should be applied by rotation keeping a distance of 10 cm from the base of the plant.
  • Application of liquid fertilizers mixed with water

Fertilizer application by sprinkling: Fertilizers are usually sprinkled on paddy, wheat, or corn fields. Fertilizer application varies with cultivar or climate. In the case of paddy or maize cultivation, farmers plant trees in one line or one row and some space is kept between two lines. Fertilizer is applied between the two lines. This method is best applied in paddy, wheat, or maize fields. There is another method. Trees are not planted in rows there. Fertilizer should be sprinkled there . In this case, all plants are not fully fertilized .For that trees should be planted in line

let’s go we know what type or amount of fertilizer to apply on wheat land: Wheat is generally grown in loam and upland. Fertilizer is as important as weather for good wheat production. Fertilizers should also be applied in proper quantity. Application of 20 kg Urea, TSP 18 kg, Gypsum 18, Borax, MOP 5 kg, Cow dung/compost 1200 kg per bigha gives good yield.

Direct application to plant roots :  Fertilizers are usually applied to plants planted in gardens. Fertilizer is usually applied to garden plants 10 cm from the base of the plant. To be applied at a distance. Before applying fertilizer, the soil at the base of the plant should be dug and softened. Fertilizer should be applied to that soil. After the application of fertilizer, the fertilizer should be covered with topsoil. After that water should be given. But you have to see that there is no water, if there is water, the root of the tree will rot and die. Applying too much fertilizer will cause root rot and plants will die. On the other side, the leaves are more than the fruits in the tree. Soli should be prepared before planting tomatoes, the land or soil must first be prepared. Fertilizers should be applied to build the soi.

Urea 2 kg, TSP 1.5 kg, MOP 1 kg, and dung manure 35 kg per hundred should be applied during soil preparation.

Application of liquid fertilizer: This liquid fertilizer can be applied to the plants that are planted in the garden. In this case, a certain amount of fertilizer should be mixed with water and applied at the root of the plant. Although there are no specific rules for the application of this fertilizer, care should be taken so that water does not accumulate. For indoor plants, fertilizing this way will be most beneficial. Because indoor plants have less soil in the tub. Because of that direct fertilizer cannot be applied. The root of the tree will die. That’s why we should apply liquid fertilizer.

Fertilizer application results in very good plant growth. The tree has more fruits or flowersOver-application can cause root rot. Soil-beneficial insects die. It gets mixed with rainwater and falls into ponds or rivers and harms fish.

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