Mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

Mosquitoes are insects of the fly species. They drink the blood of various animals including humans. Mosquitoes carry viruses of various types of bacteria. These viruses enter the body of the animal from the mosquito while drinking the blood of the mammal. There are various types of plants in the nature around us. They play an important role in keeping these mosquitoes away from us. Inside these plants are some poisonous plants. It can also harm our pets like dogs. Let us know which plants keep ,Mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

The plants most beneficial to us in natural mosquito repellent are rosemary, mint, and tulchi. Details about them are given below.

Benefits of Mint:

Mint Plant
Mint Plant

Mint is a bushy plant. People eat it as a spice. Mint leaves are also used in cooking or making juice. Mint leaves are a strong-scented plant. Loved by many animals and disliked by many for its pungent smell. Although any animal likes the smell of this plant, mosquitoes do not like it at all. Because of its strong smell, mosquitoes stay away.

Also, since this plant is used by humans as a spice, it is safe to say that the peppermint plant is also safe for dogs. However, care must be taken not to overeat. You can plant mint leaves on your balcony or leisure area. This will keep mosquitoes from coming to you. Even your pet dog will not be harmed.

Propagate mint :

Cultivation of mint is very easy. You have to bring mint leaves with pulses from the market. Then you have to throw away the leaves that have been damaged by insects. Then you have to take water in a bottle. The lower part of the mint should be soaked in water. After a week it will be seen that the roots have come out from that part. Then the plant with those roots should be buried in the ground. In this way, mint can be cultivated very easily.



Basil is a very medicinal plant . Basil has many properties. This plant works like magic to reduce cold fever and cough. In case of a cough, honey and juice of basil leaves mixed will reduce the cough. Basil leaves have a different kind of smell which mosquitoes do not like at all.

The strong smell that comes out of its leaves is liked by many people, but mosquitoes do not like it at all. Dogs will not be harmed if they eat this plant. Rather, they can be protected from various diseases by eating this plant.

Propagate basil :

The Basil plant is usually grown from seed. When the plant is a little old, each branch has a seed sac at its head. When the seed matures and turns black, it is picked up and thrown into the ground and a plant grows from the seed.
Later, those trees should be separated and planted in another place. Before planting a new tree, a hole should be dug. After the hole, some dung should be added to it. The tree will get the nutrients it needs to grow.



The use of rosemary dates back to the Egyptian civilization. Their use has been immense since ancient times. Rosemary with special properties is very popular for repelling mosquitoes. It is famous for its strong scent of rosemary. Rosemary kills cancer cells in humans Provides nutrients to the hair, and keeps hair roots strong. Rosemary is also very popular as a spice. Rosemary is essential for making steak.

Propagate Rosemary :

Rosemary plants are usually grown from seed. First, the soil should be prepared. Organic fertilizers during soil preparation. Urea phosphate should be used. Mix well with water and keep it for a day. The next day, sprinkle the rosemary seeds on the ground. Then add some light soil on top. Even if the seedling is born, it will be buried under the ground and die.

Although there are many medicines to repel mosquitoes, natural mosquito repellants are the best. Because artificial mosquito repellants can damage our lungs. Mosquito repellants should be provided with natural materials. we should know Mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs . If we know,we will save our pet

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