Spider plant Disadvantages

spider plant disadvantages
spider plant disadvantages

We are all familiar with the spider plant. Spider plant is one of our favorite plants. It is as beautiful as it looks. Likewise, its benefits are manifold. Along with the benefits, its disadvantages are not less. Let us know about the Spider plant disadvantages.

This spider plant is the highest among indoor plants. This very attractive plant plays an important role in maintaining the beauty of the house and purifies the air by removing the toxic substances mixed in the air of the house.

So far we have known about the qualities of the Spider plant. Now we will know about some of its Disadvantages. As much as we say Spider plant does not harm our pets like dogs and cats. It is partially true, not fully. The leaves of this plant are sharp and have small cuts on both sides. If you pull too hard, you can cut off your hands and feet. Again, if the dog and cat put the leaves in the mouth, the mouth may be cut. Blood may come out from the cut.

Since the spider plant is a grass plant. And since its beauty depends on the leaves, this plant needs to be taken care of.
If not taken care of, the leaves may break under pressure.

Another disadvantage of the spider plant is that it requires a lot of space when it grows. Since the leaves of the plant are soft and spread in all directions, if there is no space around this plant, the plant will not be able to grow and fly properly. It will also spoil the beauty of the tree and the tree will not be able to grow properly.

Another major disadvantage of this plant is that it cannot tolerate much cold. So if they are kept in an AC room, they can die because they cannot tolerate the cold.

Although spider plant has many disadvantages, its qualities are not less in any part. So everyone should keep at least one tree in the house. Although it is a bit difficult to maintain. However, if you take proper care of this tree, it will benefit you so much that it is not worth saying.

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