Can I water my plants at night?

Can you water plants at night

What does a tree need to survive? A plant generally needs water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to survive. While water depends on sunlight and nature, it also depends largely on humans. Since it depends on people, we need to know when to water the plants. The most important thing to know is can I water my plants at night. Because it is very important to know the correct time and rules of watering whether it is during the day or at night, let us know about this in detail.

Generally, the water requirements of plants vary depending on the plant and season. Every plant needs to be watered at a specific time, seasonally or per plant. Watering is usually done in the morning when the sunlight falls lightly on the plant. If you water the plant at the beginning of the day, the plant can absorb the water very well. We sometimes cannot water the plants due to lack of time. That is why we water at night. Now the question is can you water the plants at night? Yes, you can water the plants at night. But you can’t give it every day. This can cause various problems in the tree. Watering the plants at night will cause problems

After watering the plant, the plant cannot produce food when it does not get sunlight. As a result, water accumulates at the base of the tree for a long time. This can cause the roots of the plant to rot. On the other hand, if water accumulates at the base of the tree, it can be attacked by various types of fungi. This can cause the tree to fall and die.

Generally, the water requirements of plants may vary depending on the plant or season. Water requirements can vary not only with season but also with plant age and soil nature. For example, let’s say the tree is big. Since this tree is big, the roots of the tree reach very deep, so it is not necessary to water this tree separately. Watering the plant again does not cause problems. The thicker the plant’s roots, the less likely it is to rot.

Suppose the plant is planted in clay soil or loamy soil. We all know that clay soil can hold more water. So if you plant trees in this soil and give water, that water stays for a long time. So, even if the plants are not watered due to lack of time, there is no need to water them at night. Planting trees in loamy soil should be watered regularly. But one last thing must be said. Whether watering at night will damage the plant depends entirely on the soil, plant size, nature, and weather.

Before watering the tree, the soil at the base of the tree should be carefully observed. If the soil at the base of the tree is pressed by hand, if the soil becomes round or ball-shaped, there is no need to water, whether day or night. If the soil becomes wrinkled when pressed, then water should be given. You will know well when to water your tree. When to give and when not to give. However, one thing should be taken care of, never give excess water to the plant whether it is day or night.

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