Why Snake plant not growing ?

Snake Plant Is not Growing

The snake plant is very popular among indoor plants. The biggest reason behind the popularity of this plant is that it provides oxygen almost all the time of the day. Different types of diseases occur in this snake plant at different times. Many times trees are attacked by viruses. Sometimes the tree may stop growing. I will know why this one tree can have all these diseases. Let’s Know Why Snake Plant Not Growing.

Snake Plant

At NASA we call the Snake plant an air purification plant . Asparagaceae family, the green colored sword-like plant with yellow stripes inside is the Snake Plant. It usually originates from the subcontinent of Africa. The height of the tree is usually 1 to 6 feet tall. And the width ranges from 6 to 36 inches. There are several types of Snake Plant.

For example:

  • Bird’s Nest snake plant
  • Cylinder Snake Plant
  • Lawrence’s Sansevieria snake plant
  • Twisted Sister snake plant
  • White Snake Plant
  • Rhino Grass snake plant
  • Sansevieria Desertii snake plant

Due to which the growth of Snake Plant stops:

Snake plant is the most popular indoor plant that grows in low light and with less care. But we often give less light or water than we need due to lack of understanding. For which the plant cannot receive the necessary food. Mention below some more reasons.:

1. Giving excess water to Snake Plant: Snake Plant can tolerate excess heat but cannot tolerate excess water. Too much water rots the roots of the tree. This reduces the growth of the tree.

2. If Snake Plant lacks light: Although Snake Plant is an indoor plant. But it also needs sunlight to survive. But we keep the plant in a place where sunlight does not reach. As a result, the plant cannot produce food. For which the growth of Snake Plant decreases.

3. Snake Plant lacks food: Every animal needs food to survive. Plants need food to survive. Nitrogen is the main food of plants. Artificially applying food or nitrogen, which is known as fertilizer, becomes necessary when the soil lacks nitrogen.

4. If there is a difference in temperature of Snake Plant: We all know that plants make themselves tolerant to the temperature of nature through the process of adaptation. But if the Snake Plant is kept in a place like (AC Room) where the temperature changes frequently, then the plant cannot adapt so quickly. As a result the tree becomes weak and the growth of the tree stops due to weakness.

5. If there is a lack of space for the roots of the Snake Plant to grow: Generally, as the tree grows, the roots of the tree also grow. But if the tree is planted in a small tub then the roots of the tree cannot grow.

6. Insect attack on Snake Plant: These insects are the most harmful for a plant. They damage the tree by sucking the sap from the tree. The plant becomes too weak to absorb the sap. As a result, the growth of the tree is disrupted.

Remedy for stunted growth of Snake Plant:

We have described above why a tree can stop growing. Now we will discuss how to solve the above problems.

1. Remedy for root rot of Snake Plant: Generally, if you give more water than the plant needs, the roots of the plant will rot. So before watering, you must test the soil. Press the soil at the base of the plant with your hands. When the soil hardens and becomes a ball, the plant does not need to be watered. However, if the soil breaks under pressure, water should be given.

2. Eliminating the lack of light of Snake Plant: Since the plant needs sunlight to survive. Therefore, the plant should be kept in sunlight at a dark time of the day. Otherwise, the plant cannot produce food. Therefore, we should keep the snake plant inside the house where the sunlight falls. By doing this, the plant can produce the necessary food in the presence of sunlight.

3. Eliminating the lack of food of Snake Plant: If there is a lack of food for Snake plant, the plant cannot grow properly. If there is a lack of food in the soil, it is necessary to artificially apply food or nitrogen to the soil. Applying urea fertilizer to the soil can achieve filling the deficiency of nitrogen. Proper application of the fertilizer will ensure the fine growth of the plant.

4. Solution for temperature difference of Snake Plant: Since plant growth stops due to temperature difference, it is better not to keep Snake Plant in AC Room. Instead, plants which can tolerate AC Room can be kept in AC Room.

5. Eliminating the lack of space in the growth of the roots of the Snake Plant: The plant’s growth stops when its roots stop growing, so you should plant the plant in a large container. So that the roots can grow properly. Lift the tree out of the soil of the tub every 1 year, trim the roots, and mix them with some organic fertilizer and urea fertilizer in the tub before planting it again.. By doing this, the tree will grow well.

6. Preventing the attack of insects on Snake Plant: Apply pesticides every few days to prevent harmful insects for the plant.. This will kill the insects. And if the insect dies, it will not be able to harm the plant

Trees are very dear to all of us. It is really bad when different types of problems occur in plants. For example, stopping the growth of Snake Plant is also a problem. If we follow the above advice then we should have no problem with our hobby tree.

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